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The Italian Elective Residence visa (Residenza Elettiva) is for non-EU nationals who wish to reside permanently in Italy and are able to support themselves autonomously without the need of employment.

The applicant for an Elective Residence visa is not permitted to work or seek employment during their stay in Italy and therefore needs to present documentation that will demonstrate that they are able to sustain themselves, which includes covering the costs of accommodation and daily expenses. This can be demonstrated by what is known as ‘passive income’, which includes: property rental income, pensions, social security benefits, corporate dividends, royalties etc.

As at February 2018, the minimum financial requirement for a single applicant is 31,000 Euros and for a married couple is 38,000 Euros. An additional 20% needs to be demonstrated for each dependent child on the application. You will note that the financial threshold as a couple is lower than that of a single applicant, which is why the Italian Consulate have strict requirements that marriage certificates and birth certificates are legalised by obtaining an apostille.

Applicants also need to demonstrate that they have their own qualifying health insurance to the value of 30,000 Euros per person per year.

Applicants for Italian Elective Residence Visas must make the application at the Italian Consulate or Italian Embassy in their home country and a decision is made within 90 days.

Within eight days of your arrival in Italy you must make an application for a Permit to Stay (Permesso di Soggiorno). Following this you may, if you wish, as it is not mandatory, make an application for Residency Registration with the Anagrafe office (Comune), which will assist for future citizenship applications as well as access to ancillary rights e.g. Health Service Registration.

We are able to assist you in completing the Italian Elective Residence visa application form, obtaining translations of various documents and also certifications known as apostilles. Upon completion of all preparatory paperwork and obtaining all supporting documentation we will then be able to make an appointment at the Italian Consulate or Italian Embassy and your paperwork shall be considered by Italian Consular Visa Officer.