Self-employed visas:

You may engage in self-employment activities in Italy if you are a director of a company or if you carry out freelance professional work. In both cases you must obtain a self-employment visa known as a visto di lavoro autonomo before you enter Italy.

The Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers will issue entry visas for self-employment purposes. This type of visa is issued or denied within 120 days from the date when the application is submitted and has to be used within 180 days from its issue. Within 8 days of your arrival in Italy you will need to apply for a residence permit.

In 2018 entry into Italy will be permitted to 2,4000 non-EU citizens abroad who belong to one of the following categories: businessmen, freelancers, holders of corporate administration’s offices, artists of clear renown and foreigners looking to establish innovative start-ups in Italy.

Self-employed visa applications can also be made from Italy by converting current student or training visas.

We can assist you in making an application for a self-employment visa to the Counter for Consolidated Procedures (Sportello Unico) for Immigration by demonstrating in your application that you provide the necessary requisites required. The strength of our arguments are subject to the documentation that you provide in support of your application.

On receipt of the application, the Sportello Unico for Immigation will decide whether you possess the necessary requisites for a self-employed visa and if you do, you shall be summoned for a meeting.