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We would like to take a moment to reflect on our achievements and developments over the last 12 months before moving onto our new goals for the year to come.

2019 saw the start of the dynamic EU Commission project EULawinEN in which Charlotte Oliver took on the role of trainer of Notaries and Judges in Italy, Bulgaria and Hungary, developing knowledge and shared experience in European inheritance, family and property law.

In 2019 after nearly 7 years collaboration with Oliver & Partners, Jessica Zama left Rome for a new career in London at Buckles Solicitors LLP.

We continued to develop our practice in the area of immigration and citizenship law headed by Solicitor and avvocato stabilito Aleksandra Broom.

Our family law team has also been developing in collaboration with Avv. Agnese Micozzi, Avv. Gerardina Gargiulo and Avv.ti Sara Cerocchi and Mariarosaria della Corte of Studio Legale della Corte, to whom we are very  grateful for their valuable support.

We were invited to attend an important seminar in Rome in November, with speakers ranging from leading lawyers, judges, and family law experts, coordinated by Onlus Studiodonne and the Osservatorio per la Famiglia, Politiche Sociali e la Sicurezza (OPS) entitled “Strumenti per le donne e cura per gli uomini contro la violenza”.

Charlotte Oliver began to play a more active role as a Trusts and Estates Practitioner (TEP) in Step Italy, attending the annual conference in Florence in November 2019, and was chosen to be a speaker at the Step Europe conference in Vienna in February 2020.

Charlotte Oliver was also appointed as an expert to give evidence on English law in the Italian Courts,  in litigation in the Court of Appeal of L’Aquila and the Civil Court of Cassino.

After more than six years in Piazza del Popolo we also moved to new offices in the centro storico, between the Parlamento and the Pantheon, in the Studio Legale e Tributario of Avv. Federico Mazzetti and Dott. Commercialista Andrea Mazzetti. We look forward to meeting old and new clients here in the coming year, and all are welcome to come and have a sip of the best coffee in Rome, just around the corner at the Tazza D’Oro!

We have continued to advise our British clients on their status in the light of the ongoing Brexit saga, and have been involved in meetings both with the British Embassy and the Italian government on the implementation of new rules for British citizens resident in Italy. At the time of writing this post we are expecting the certainty of a smooth exit at the end of January 2020 with a transition period up to the end of 2020 and the protection of a EU/UK Withdrawal Agreement. Another UK general election has gone by still leaving many of us British citizens in Italy disenfranchised despite our hopes to see the 15-year residence rule abolished.  The only hope for many of us now to have any voice is based on our application for Italian citizenship despite a four year wait for a decision and the introduction this year of the Italian language test.

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Warm wishes for a very Happy and successful 2020!

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