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The Italian government has issued new guidelines relating to travelling to Italy from overseas, lifting the restrictions in place due to COVID-19. These are effective from 3rd June 2020.

The new rules were published in Article 6 of the Presidential decree no. of 17th May 2020 (see link below to full text of the new law). 

DCPM 17th May 2020

Article 6 provides that from 3rd June 2020  there is no restriction on travel to or from the following countries: 
a) Member States of the EU;
b) Member states of the Schengen Agreement;
c) United Kingdom;
d) Andorra, Monaco;
e) San Marino and Vatican.

Movement to and from any other country will still be prohibited up to 15th June 2020, unless these are for proven reasons of work, absolute urgency or for health reasons, or return to one’s home or place of residence in Italy.

The rules are subject to Law no. 33/2020 of 16th May, which sets the condition that notwithstanding any lifting of restrictions, it must be possible to continue to guarantee the safety of the public, otherwise the easing of lockdown could be suspended.

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