UK Visa Applications


If you are a national of a country outside the EEA, and not sure whether you need a visa to travel to the UK you can check the Home Office website, the rules do change from time to time and will depend on the purpose of your stay. The way UK Visa applications are now being submitted, processed and considered  has changed this year. Prior to 28th January 2019, applications  from Italy were sent by post and appointments were made at the British Consulate in Rome. From this year, all UK visa...

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No-deal or new-deal – the effect on applications for Italian citizenship

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Further to our May article ‘No Deal’ Italian Law Effect on Italian Citizenship Applications, we remind our British citizen clients that if they intend to apply for Italian citizenship it is advisable that they  lodge their application before 31st October. With new UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson saying in his first speech as Prime Minister that the UK ‘will come out of the EU on 31 October, no ifs or buts’ and ‘we will do a new deal, a better deal’, the currently predicted Brexit date of 31 October seems ever...

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Captain Carola Rackete and the migrant crisis

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Carola Rackete, a sea captain who works for the German sea rescue organisation ‘Sea Watch’ was arrested on 29th June for docking a migrant ship without authorisation from officials at the port of Lampedusa, and for ramming into and allegedly attempting to sink an Italian Guardia di Finanza patrol boat. On 12th June, Rackete had taken on board 53 migrants from the Libyan coast.  She rejected the offer to dock at Tripoli as it is deemed unsafe by humanitarian organisations and as such she headed towards Lampedusa in Italy. According to...

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Oliver & Partners move to new office

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Oliver & Partners are moving office! From 2nd September 2019 our new address will be: Studio Legale e Tributario, Piazza Capranica 78, (3rd Floor) Rome 00186 ITALY Tel: + 39 06 69190603 or + 39 06 3614115 Email: The  office is located in the centro storico between the Pantheon and the Italian Parliament. There is little availability for parking in the centre so travel by car is not advised, but there are many bus connections and we are a short walk from bus stops at Piazza Colonna/Via del Corso or Largo...

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Claims to Italian citizenship through maternal line

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Descendants of female Italian citizens who left Italy in the late 19th century and the early part of the 20th century have been hampered in their quest for an Italian passport by the 1912 law on Italian citizenship.  The Italian Law (Legge no. 555 of 1912) provided that an Italian woman would automatically lose her Italian citizenship either on marriage to a foreign national husband or if her Italian husband naturalised, ie took up a new nationality having emigrated from Italy. The Italian wife was deemed to automatically acquire the new...

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New rules governing Apostilles on documents and certificates

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In a recent article (click link to read) we confirmed that the EU Regulation on Public Documents n. 1191/2016 had come into force on 16/02/2019. This legislation, in relation to the circulation of public documents between EU member states, has abolished the need for a document issued after this date to have an Apostille to prove that the document is genuine. The public documents covered by the Regulation include birth, death, marriage, registered partnership or adoption certificates, residence certificates and proof of absence of a...

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Budapest seminar on EU Succession and Family Law

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Charlotte Oliver will be a speaker at the seminar to be held in Budapest, Hungary on 8th and 9th July 2019 as part of the programme of training of EU judges and Notaries, Funded by the European Justice Programme. For more information and background to the two-year Programme: Seminar brochure EU Law in English

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Johnny Hallyday – the French inheritance dispute continues

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The inheritance dispute between the heirs of Johnny Hallyday took a dramatic turn in the French court of Nanterre this week.  A much awaited ruling was published on Tuesday 28th May. Click here to read our previous article on the commencement of proceedings in 2018 The Nanterre court declared this week that it does have jurisdictional competence to hear the dispute. The court ruled that Hallyday was indeed “habitually resident” in France at the time of his death, as claimed by his eldest two children Laura and David who had...

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Freedom of movement to establish a business in the EU

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Please follow this link to read the article in Italian Within TFUE, articles from 49 to 54 refer to the right of establishment recognised to companies and firms, which means the right to move to another member State of UE in order to practice an employment or an activity. About it, art. 49 TFUE provides as follows: “Within the framework of the provisions set out below, restrictions on the freedom of establishment of nationals of a Member State in the territory of another Member State shall be prohibited. Such prohibition shall also apply to...

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100 years of women in law

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  Oliver & Partners is an all-women law firm, and we are proud to be  celebrating the 100th anniversary of the year that female lawyers were first entitled to practise in the United Kingdom, in all levels and positions of the legal system.  In Italy, however, this year is only a part-celebration as it is the centenary since women can practice as lawyers (avvocati) but were not yet able to take up the role of a judge.  Women and the legal profession in the UK The Sex Disqualification (Removal) Act became law in the United Kingdom on...

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“No deal” Italian law – effect on Italian citizenship applications

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Posted by Jessica Zama and Rosamaria Berloco The infamous Brexit, subject of most conversations and debates in the past couple of years, unsurprisingly will not only affect the United Kingdom, but many other European countries, including Italy. If the United Kingdom does leave the European Union (currently on 31 October 2019), there will be many legal provisions that Italy will have to adopt, in order to protect its citizens, U.K. citizens living in Italy, and the country itself. The Italian government pre-emptively already adopted such a...

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Usi civici – property rights

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In some regions in the South of Italy, in particular Abruzzo, Basilicata and many parts of Lazio (in particular south of Rome which were areas of the Mussolini bonifico) there are still ancient property rights (“usi civici“) which affect the ownership of land parcels, which in some cases go back to pre-Roman times. These are considered a limitation or restriction on real property rights, in the same category as “diritti di superficie” or “l’enfiteusi” (now almost extinct). After the Roman empire...

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Property law services for Polish-speaking clients

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ZAKUP I SPRZEDAŻ NIERUCHOMOŚCI WE WŁOSZECH Nasza firma zapewnia niezależną pomoc prawną kupującym i sprzedającym nieruchomości mieszkalne i komercyjne we Włoszech. Mamy wieloletnie doświadczenie w obsłudze nieruchomości na terenie całych Włoch, w szczególności w centralnych regionach Toskanii, Umbrii, Marche, Abruzji i Lacjum. Zajmujemy się szeroką gamą rodzajów nieruchomości na całym rynku, począwszy od nowych konstrukcji po zrujnowane klasztory, historyczne zamki i okazałe domy. Zakup lub sprzedaż nieruchomości lub...

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Italian language exam – recognised certifiers

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This article will deal with the recognition of existing language qualifications for Italian citizenship applications. In our article dated December 2018 we advised you of the amendment to the immigration and citizenship law D.L. n. 91 of 5th February 1992, which confirmed that an additional requirement for all those applying for Italian citizenship under Article 5 of the 1992 law (marriage grounds) and Article 9 (residence grounds) must pass an Italian language test to the minimum level of B1 (lower-intermediate). Following this article we...

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EU Law in English

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The European Union Justice Programme is funding a two year project in partnership with the Fondazione del Notariato Italiano and the Internatonal Association of Judges as well as the Notaries Chambers of Bulgaria and Hungary for the teaching of EU law. The project focuses specifically on the areas of family, succession and property law, in the English language. Charlotte Oliver is one of the trainers involved in the project which aims to benefit over 10.000 legal professionals throughout Europe over the period of the...

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EU blue card – highly skilled workers visa


EU Blue Card: The EU Blue Card is a work permit that is offered by 25 Member States to highly-qualified non-EU citizens. The permit allows for non-EU citizens who are qualified workers to have the freedom of movement within the European Union. Apart from being a non-EU citizen, an applicant must also be one of the following: a highly-qualified/skilled worker or a researcher. There are also opportunities for students, vocational trainees and seasonal workers. As there are various labour shortages in particular sectors within Europe, there is a...

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Libertà di stabilimento nell’UE per le società

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Nel TFUE gli articoli dal 49 al 54 si occupano della libertà di stabilimento riconosciuta alle società e ai professionisti, ossia la libertà di trasferirsi in altro Stato membro al fine di esercitare una qualsiasi attività economica. A tale proposito, l’art. 49 prevede quanto segue: “Nel quadro delle disposizioni che seguono, le restrizioni alla libertà di stabilimento dei cittadini di uno Stato membro nel territorio di un altro Stato membro vengono vietate. Tale divieto si estende altresì alle restrizioni relative all’apertura...

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Simplifying public documents

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The EU Regulation on Public Documents n. 1191 came into force on 16th February 2019 and dramatically cuts red tape for EU citizens who need to provide public documents in another EU member state, abolishing the need for fixing with an Apostille, to prove the cross-border document or certificate is genuine, or even the need to provide a translation. The public documents covered by the Regulation include birth, death, marriage, registered partnership or adoption certificates, and also residence certificates and proof of absence of a...

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Decreto Flussi 2019


Work Permit Quotas 2019 for non-EU nationals: Work permit quotas for non-EU nationals in Italy are released at the beginning of each year by way of publication of the Immigration Quota Decree ‘Decreto Flussi’, which allows non-EU nationals who meet the requirements of the decree to obtain a work permit in Italy. The quotas vary from year to year. In 2018, the quota was 30,850 in relation to non-EU nationals of which 18,000 were seasonal workers. It is highly likely that the quota shall remain the same for 2019. In 2018, 30,850 workers were...

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International couples and property – EU Regulation

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New EU law will come into force on 29th January 2019, namely Regulations 1103/1106 and 1104/2016 which will regulate property ownership between married couples and registered partnerships in international or “cross-border” situations. The new rules, in a similar vein as other Regulations in family law matters, will prescribe clarity in case of a dispute, in particular separation and divorce, ie will enable couples to determine the law appliable and the competent court to decide on the question of property ownership. An example of a...

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