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This article will deal with the recognition of existing language qualifications for Italian citizenship applications.

In our article dated December 2018 we advised you of the amendment to the immigration and citizenship law D.L. n. 91 of 5th February 1992, which confirmed that an additional requirement for all those applying for Italian citizenship under Article 5 of the 1992 law (marriage grounds) and Article 9 (residence grounds) must pass an Italian language test to the minimum level of B1 (lower-intermediate).

Following this article we have had a number of enquiries from those who already have qualifications in the Italian language from universities abroad and even from foreign schools in Italy e.g. St George’s British School in Rome, asking whether these qualifications in Italian would allow them to be exonerated from sitting the new compulsory language test for their Italian citizenship applications. These are justified questions considering that university degrees and the International Baccalaureate are higher in than the B1 (lower-intermediate) level required by the Ministero dell’Interno.

In short, these qualifications will not be accepted. The applicant is expected to demonstrate: “un titolo di studio rilasciato da un istituto di istruzione pubblico o paritario riconosciuto dal Ministero dell’istruzione, dell’università e della ricerca e dal Ministero degli affari esteri”.

Of course, all qualifications obtained from Italian scuoli superioriand Italian universities are accepted. However, if you studied at a foreign school in Italy or obtained your qualification abroad, it is highly likely that your qualification will not be accepted.

To see whether your institution of study is considered to be paritario and recognised by the Ministero dell’istruzione, dell’università e della ricerca and by the Ministero degli affariesteri please enter your institution’s details into the following search engine:

If your institution of study is not listed as paritiario, then we would advise that you sit the B1 Italian language test at one of the following recognised institutions:

– L’Universita’ per stranieri di Siena

– L’Universita’ per stranieri di Perugia

– L’Universita’ Roma Tre

– La Societa’ Dante Alighieri

We trust that the above will assist those clients who are still unsure about whether their Italian language qualifications will be recognised and can be submitted as part of their Italian citizenship applications.

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