Living Wills in Italy “il testamento biologico”

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On the 13th March 2017, the Italian Senate started discussing a proposed new law regarding the introduction of “Testamenti Biologici”, (“Biological Wills”), the equivalent of what are known as “Living Wills” in the UK. This is a document by which an individual, who is over 18 and who has full mental capacity, expresses their wishes regarding future medical treatment, in circumstances in which they are no longer able to provide their informed consent. Article 32 of the Italian constitution states that nobody can be made to accept...

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Alternative White Paper – UK Citizens in Europe

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On the eve of the Government’s White Paper publication, UK citizens living in the EU present their ‘UK Citizens in Europe – Towards an Alternative White Paper’. Alternative White Paper – Uk citizens in the EU – LINK TO WHITE PAPER ON SITE OF ECREU This is the biggest group of British citizens’ organisations in Europe working together for the first time to call for their serious concerns to be acted on before Article 50 is triggered. The groups represent thousands of British citizens living and working across the...

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Cohabitation agreements

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The contract of cohabitation (in Italian “contratto di convivenza”) has to be in written form, as a Public Deed (prepared by a Notary Public), or a Private Contract, which is then authenticated by a Lawyer.   The Notary or Lawyer will then send the executed document to the Comune, who will transcribe the same in its registers. This professional will also be responsible for the rescission of the contract (by either the wish of both parties, a unilateral decision, by death or marriage) communicating any changes to the Comune, as...

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#FairDealNow Webinar

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Monday 30th January 2017 at 6pm UK time (7pm Italy). Organised by group New Europeans, this webinar will discuss issues relating to the future of British citizens in the EU and EU nationals in the UK. Please find all the details and how to register on this link. New Europeans is a civil rights organisation which champions freedom of movement, non-discrimination and the principle of solidarity in...

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An application can be made for an Elective Residence Permit (“Permesso di Soggiorno per Residenza Elettiva”), if the foreign resident wants to live in Italy without carrying out any working activity. Aside from not being employed in Italy, adequate funds must be demonstrated in order to show that the applicant will not rely on the Italian State, for themselves as individuals, as well as for any dependant family members accompanying them. The applicant must also have a guaranteed place to live, and demonstrate this via documentation. Please...

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Article 50 and individual rights

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The political upheaval in the UK following the June Referendum resulted in a new Government being formed. Prime Minister Theresa May declared that “Brexit means Brexit” and that she would notify under Article 50 of the EU Treaty the withdrawal of the UK from the European Union. Opinions have been divided on what Brexit means, whether this involves leaving the Single market entirely and having no further reciprocal arrangements with the EU, whether or not Parliament has a right to vote on the terms of withdrawal, or whether the country is...

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Italian Referendum – Si or No?

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The Italian referendum due to take place on the 4th December demonstrates an attempt by the current government to change the years of sclerotic politics that many feel dominate the country. Indeed, Italy has been noted to have one of the largest and most expensive governments in the world. This is partly due to the bicameral structure of government that, as of 2015, is only employed by less than half of the world’s national legislatures. It differs from the more common forms used in a democratic government, where all  members of parliament...

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DNA and inheritance claims in Italy

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DNA profiling is now a widely used method to convict the perpetrator of a crime to a high degree of accuracy. Yet, despite its newfound dramatic appeal, it was originally developed as a means to provide genetic evidence of paternity as early as the mid-1970s; this assessment, known as HLA testing, was a powerful, if problematic, tool to identify biological relationships. The method employed to test DNA has improved dramatically, now boasting a 99.99% accuracy, so providing an attractive tool to quickly and precisely give evidence in cases...

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BREXIT: What is EU law exactly?

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As an English lawyer practising in Italy for 15 years, I have valued the certainty that EU law has provided in legal situations in which international clients and business find themselves, where there is a conflict between the laws of more than one member state. However, most voters in the EU Referendum cited the belief that EU law prevented the UK fom having sovereignty over its own law-making powers, and in the months and years leading up to the withdrawal from the EU the UK is going to have to turn back the clock and re-write the...

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Potential Increase in Inheritance Tax in Italy

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When it comes to inheritance tax, Italy currently enjoys somewhat of a “tax haven” status.  These particular taxes are some of the lowest in Europe, with the maximum amount payable by an heir currently being 8% of the total value inherited.  The percentages are calculated based on the relationship the heir has to the deceased;  the spouse and children of the deceased are currently only liable for 4%, of any amount inherited over 1,000,000 Euro. This means that, in most succession cases in Italy, the heirs will not pay anything in...

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Italian citizenship – the rights of EU nationals

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Facing the possibile loss of European citizenship in the future as the UK discusses the withdrawal from membership of the EU, many British nationals are looking at the prospect of dual nationality with their state of residence.  In Germany offers have even been made publicly since the Brexit Referendum to change the law to allow fast-track applications from British nationals living there, to end possible years of uncertainty over residence rights. Any EU national resident in Italy for at least 4 years is entitled to apply for Italian...

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BREXIT: What now for British citizens in Italy?

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British citizens in Italy and the rest of Europe are concerned about their legal status and rights now the UK has voted to give up its EU membership. Many questions have been raised by British citizens in Italy, whether they are retired, working, or who own property or business interests here, for example: Will I lose my resident status and be asked to return to the UK? Do I need to appy for a permesso di soggiorno? Will I still be entitled to healthcare? Should I take up Italian citizenship? Is my right to work here affected, will my company...

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Civil Unions and Cohabitation Bill

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The Senate has approved a new law governing civil unions in Italy and right of de-facto couples, which has been, for a number of years, subject of a fierce debate between politicians, the Church and the media. The first part of this new law allows civil unions, or civil partnerships, between individuals of the same sex, by way of a declaration before a Civil Status Officer and two witnesses.  A civil union will provide a couple with some, but not all, of the rights enjoyed by heterosexual married couples (for example, the right to receive...

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High Court judges consider the 15 year rule

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            The case brought by Harry Shindler and Jacquelyn Maclennan in the High Court for Judicial Review of the Referendum Act 2015 was heard on 20th April 2016 in front of Mr Justice Blake and Lord Justice Lloyd Jones in Court 3 of the High Court. The Claimants were represented by Leigh Day Solicitors. Counsel was Aidan O’Neill QC.  Claimant Jacquelyn MacLennan was present at the hearing but Harry SHindler was unable to travel from Italy. Aidan O’Neill QC said on behalf of the Claimants that...

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Real Estate in Italy – Legislative Decree “Unblock Italy”

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Contracts for enjoyment in relation to subsequent alienation of real estate (Article 23 of Legislative Decree “Unblock Italy”) “Rent to buy and l’affitto con riscatto (rent with purchase right) are two completely different forms of purchase.”  Commonly used as synonyms, rent to buy and l’affitto con riscatto are two ways of selling that are different from both a contractual and conceptual point of view. What is the difference between rent to buy and l’affitto con riscatto? L’affitto con riscatto (which has existed in...

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Harry Shindler takes expat vote to High Court

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Legal challenge to uphold the expat vote for British nationals in the EU Referendum. The London law firm Leigh Day lodged an application for an urgent judicial review against the UK Government in the High Court on 16th March 2016. This application challenges the decision to exclude up to 2 million British nationals living in the European Union from the right to vote in June’s EU Referendum. The London based law firm is acting on behalf of two British citizens who are excluded in voting in the Referendum: 94-year-old Harry Shindler, a...

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Establishment of Lawyers Directive 98/5/EC

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Charlotte Oliver and Jessica Zama are Solicitors, qualified in England and Wales, who have established a growing practice in Italy, having both qualified as integrated lawyers – “avvocati integrati” – as a result of the provisions of the Establishment of Lawyers Directive 98/5/EC. This Directive formally recognises the right of lawyers to practice their profession in another member state, under the terms of the treaty of the European Union, resulting from the direct applicability of what was Article 52, now Article 49...

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British Chamber of Commerce Italy relaunches Lazio Chapter

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The British Chamber of Commerce Italy relaunched the Lazio Chapter at an event held at the residence of the British Ambassador on 30th November 2015. The speaker at this event was Lynton Crosby of the C|T Group, the mastermind behind UK Prime Minister David Cameron’s 2015 election campaign, and the campaign of Boris Johnson for Mayor of London. Solicitors Charlotte Oliver of Oliver & Partners and Sharon Reilly of Lablaw attended the event. Both are members of the British Lawyers in Italy Network, Oliver & Partners are a corporate...

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SUCCESSION REGULATION 650/2012 – The UK decision to opt-out

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The UK decision to opt-out of the Succession Regulation Three member states, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Denmark, will not adopt the provisions of the Succession Regulation, which came into force on 17th August 2015. The aim of the Succession Regulation was to harmonise the conflict of succession laws between the Member States, and allow citizens of member states of the European Union the ability to plan their succession, under the law of one country, even where they own assets in more than one country. It will now be clear, across the...

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BBC POLL: EU Referendum – What will outcome mean for you?

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EU referendum: What will the outcome mean for you? The BBC is asking for opinions from UK Citizens living in an EU country on how the outcome would affect them: “What will the future hold for the UK’s membership of the European Union post-2017? British Prime Minister David Cameron is to hold a referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union. Mr Cameron has said he is determined to deliver reform of the EU for the British people so they get a proper choice in a referendum on whether to leave it. The referendum is...

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