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The Ministero dell’Interno has issued guidance to the Comune in relation to British citizens, resident in Italy since before 31.12.2020, the end of the Brexit transition period.

This Circolare confirms that British citizens are still entitled to obtain a certificate of permanent residence from the Anagrafe¬† (“attestazione di soggiorno permanente“).

See below Circolare n. 66/2024 issued on 17th June.

In other words, as guaranteed by the UK-EU Withdrawal Agreement, British citizens continue to have the right to obtain a permanent residence certificate (as provided for in the EU Freedom of Movement Directive and article 16 of Italian Law no. 30/2007). British citizens are entitled to this after 5 years regular and continuous residence in Italy registered with the Comune, even if part of those 5 years were after Brexit.

This is relevant for those British citizens who have not yet obtained Italian citizenship, or have not yet been able to obtain the post-Brexit “carta di soggiorno”, as referred to in the “Vademecum“. You will find other articles on this wesbite posted since Brexit regarding what this is.

The carta di soggiorno is a plastic card which for British citizens is equivalent to a “permesso di soggiorno” in Italy, which is issued by the Immigration Office of the Questura to British citizens who were resident in Italy before Brexit.

That plastic card was not obligatory after Brexit, although in practice British citizens have found life can be impossible without it. It will become crucial post October 2024 for those wishing to travel in and out of the country as from that date a biometric card will be essential for travel in the EU. The British Embassy warns that it is now the time to have all necessary documents in place to avoid future problems.