EU Succession Regulation and renouncing an inheritance

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Since the EU Succession Regulation came into force in 2015, its rules on cross-border successions apply to estates of deceased persons whether they were resident in Italy at the time of death or they owned property situated in Italy.  The EU Succession Regulation applies to estates relating to citizens of third countries as well as citizens of EU member states and aims to simplify and clarify the administration of the deceased’s assets, in particular laying down guildelines for determining which country’s law should apply to the...

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Executing a will in times of social distancing

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The EU Succession Regulation 650/2012 (Article 27 (1)) provides that an English form will is valid even if made in Italy, in relation to Italian assets or any property situated in a member state which is a party to the Regulation. According to the EU Regulation, any will or codicil to a will (described as a “disposition of property on death”) is valid, as long as it is made in accordance with the national law of the testator, or the testator’s place of domicile or residence, either at the time of the will or the time of...

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Guidance on Wills for British citizens abroad

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Drawing up a Last Will and Testament where there is an international factor is particularly challenging.  This post aims to provide straightforward guidance on wills for British citizens who find themselves outside the United Kingdom at this unprecedented time of the global health pandemic. We are aware that people are unexpectedly facing the question of “worst case scenario” and want to ensure their property and families are protected in case of unexpected death or incapacity.  This guidance on wills may be useful for employees...

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Inheritance law and estate planning in Italy

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There are common misconceptions about inheritance law and estate planning in Italy and what type of will should be made by international residents or property owners, whether a will should be made at all, or whether different wills should be drawn up in every country. There is however no one-shoe-fits-all rule. Advice may differ, and there may be more than one potential solution. Considerations that need to be made include: the persons’ wishes; the next of kin ie spouse, children, siblings, parents  where they are resident and/or...

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Step Europe Conference 2020 – Vienna

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Charlotte Oliver will be representing Step Italy at the Annual Conference of Step Europe in Vienna in February 2020.  Charlotte has been a member of the Society of Trusts and Estates Practitioners since 2018. She will be joining a panel of private client lawyers and practioners from around Europe to discuss Cross Border Planning, in particular with reference to private foundations. Other topics on the Agenda for the Conference will include the Lasting Power of Attorney, Mobility for International Clients and Digital Estates. List...

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Budapest seminar on EU Succession and Family Law


Charlotte Oliver will be a speaker at the seminar to be held in Budapest, Hungary on 8th and 9th July 2019 as part of the programme of training of EU judges and Notaries, Funded by the European Justice Programme. For more information and background to the two-year Programme: Seminar brochure EU Law in English

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Johnny Hallyday – the French inheritance dispute continues

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The inheritance dispute between the heirs of Johnny Hallyday took a dramatic turn in the French court of Nanterre this week.  A much awaited ruling was published on Tuesday 28th May. Click here to read our previous article on the commencement of proceedings in 2018 The Nanterre court declared this week that it does have jurisdictional competence to hear the dispute. The court ruled that Hallyday was indeed “habitually resident” in France at the time of his death, as claimed by his eldest two children Laura and David who had...

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Three years of the new EU Succcession Regulation

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Choice of Law Clause in Wills The EU Succession Regulation (650/2012) came into force in August 2015, with the intention of simplifying and clarifying succession procedures and applicable laws, for Europeans living in different countries than that of their origin, and owners of property in multiple cities. Currently the applicable law to a succession, in accordance with this Regulation, is that of an individual’s “habitual residence”, of which there is no definition.  The interpretation of “habitual residence”, three years on,...

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Disposizioni Anticipate di Trattamento – the right to choose

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Disposizioni Anticipate di Trattamento – the right to choose Following considerable public interest and pressure, the Italian government has now approved the proposed Law on Living Wills. (See also article of 4 April 2017, “Living Wills in Italy- Il Testamento Biologico”, published by Jessica Zama). Law n.219 of 22 December 2017 is now in force, and means that any individual in Italy, who is over 18 and has mental capacity, can now specify in advance, via a “Living Will” (called “Disposizioni Anticipate di Trattamento”, or...

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International succession dispute – Johnny Hallyday

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Lawyers in France and the US are embroiled in the latest high profile international succession dispute, attempting to untangle the complex estate of Johnny Hallyday, the iconic French singer who died in December 2017 leaving four children and his wife Laeticia. We thought it would be interesting to look at the scenario, as it is similar to that which often affects international clients with assets in Italy, and give our thoughts on the issues of cross-border succession law and perhaps even predict a possible verdict in the case. Johnny...

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