We provide assistance to both EU and non-EU nationals who wish to apply for Italian citizenship on the grounds of the length of their residence in Italy, on the grounds of marriage to an Italian national, or due to Italian descent.  We assist clients who are making an application for Italian citizenship whether they reside in or out of the country.

Please click link to page below relating to various grounds of applications for Italian citizenship:

Applications based on residence – EU and non-EU nationals

Applications based on marriage to an Italian national

Applications based on descent from an Italian ancestor


For clients who are resident in Rome we are able to attend the Prefettura on their behalf for verification of their original documents after the online application has been accepted.

For clients residing outside of Rome and abroad we collate all relevant documentation, obtain Apostilles, sworn translations and submit their Italian citizenship application online and provide all prepared original documentation to the Applicant. The Applicant will then have to attend their local Prefettura (in country) or their local Consulate (out of country).

We monitor developments in law and caselaw relating to applications for Italian Citizenship and refusals. We have collected and summarised in English some of the most recent caselaw from the Consiglio di Stato and first instance court on the following page: