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We have had a number of enquiries from our clients in relation to the new residence document (carta di soggiorno) that is now available for those British Citizens who were legally resident or who had commenced the process of registering their residence in Italy before the end of the transition period i.e. 31st December 2020.

This is not an obligatory document, but we believe it will be very useful to have it when travelling in and out of Italy. British citizens who do not apply for a carta di soggiorno can equally use the “attestazione di iscrizione anagrafica” (issued under art 18.4 Withdrawal agreement) to demonstrate their right of residence in Italy going forward. However the new carta di soggiorno is a plastic card with photograph which is likely to be more durable.

Now the Brexit transition period has ended many British citizens living in Italy are facing requests from employers, banks, schools, Comune to produce a permesso di soggiorno. If you were resident in Italy before the end of 2020 you will never legally be required to possess a permesso di soggiorno, although British citizens who enter Italy and seek residence from 2021 onwards will need to apply for one as they are now non-EU citizens. If you are being asked to produce a permesso di soggiorno this is therefore incorrect and unlawful.

All information about the carta di soggiorno has been provided by the Ministero dell’Interno by way of a Vademecum in English and Italian which is published on the website of the Questura.

Most Questure now have an appointment booking system in place to obtain this carta di soggiorno residence document, and at the same time your fingerprints will be taken. Please check the Questura website for your province of residence.

For our clients in Rome, if you wish to apply for the new carta di soggiorno you need to send a certified email (PEC) to the Questura at this address: You will receive a reply with a letter confirming an appointment with a list of documents required.