We are regularly requested by the British Embassy in Rome and Italian Notaries to advise on English law, and can offer assistance such as preparing Affidavits of English law and drawing up Powers of Attorney and Statutory Declarations.

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We can prepare this document and witness it for any person (who will usually be a British National) who requires a fact to be declared by them for an official purpose. If this needs to be used in Italy we could draw up a bilingual version. Requests for these include: change of name (only for British nationals) explanation of different names on British birth certificate and current documents (these have been drafted by us and accepted by both the Rome Embassy and the Comune di Roma) declaration of civil status (in case of loss of important documents)
An Affidavit is a declaration of facts of which the truth of the contents are sworn on oath or affirmed. These are often used in civil proceedings in UK courts, and in some cases these are sent to us by UK Solicitors for signing by a party resident in Italy. In some cases we are also be instructed to draft and swear an Affidavit for a client.
We can certify copies of documents which are requested by authorities or banks in the UK, and needs to be provided by a person resident in Italy. We will certify the copy of any original document such as a passport, birth or marriage certificate, driving licence etc.
An Oath is similar to an Affidavit in that the person signing it is declaring the truth of the contents. Types of Oaths which we are asked to witness are, by way of example, in UK divorce cases where a spouse is resident in Italy and Oaths for Executors in UK probate matters.
This document might be requested from us in the form of a letter or statement, for example by Italian Notaries or the courts or the Comune to clarify a point of English law. We can also provide statements of Italian law, which might be requested in the form of an Affidavit for use in the UK. For example, we are often asked to prepare a statement for the Probate Registry on the distribution to the heirs in Italian succession law.
UK solicitors dealing with a client based overseas may ask for proof of identity to be certified by a solicitor in that country.