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The SPID (sistema pubblica di identità digitale) is a set of secure credentials issued to an individual who has been formally identified. Being asked to provide a SPID is becoming as common as having to show an ID card or codice fiscale in Italy.

The SPID is not obligatory, but since October 2021 is essential in order to access government departments and the offices of the public administration (PA) online, for example the Agenzia dell’Entrate, INPS, IO and the Servizi Sanitari (although as an alternative the CNS or CIE can also be used). In order to file an application for Italian citizenship to the Prefettura, or even to access a citizenship application made before September 2020 and still pending, an applicant is obliged to access the portal of the Ministero dell’Interno entering with their SPID username and password.

The SPID was introduced to help reduce the need for endless queues at sportelli and to make public services more efficient.  Yet for those who struggle with new technology, and for non-Italians or non-residents, actually managing to obtain a SPID can be a huge challenge. Clients of this firm who work for UN organisations based in Italy, who are non-resident and have a MAE card for ID instead of a carta di identità, have found it impossible to obtain, even being told they are not entitled to it. Trying to obtain a SPID can throw up discrepancies between a name on an identity document and the name registered with the codice fiscale, which may need to be corrected.


We can support and assist our clients in their application for a SPID, please contact us for further information.

On the government website explaining the SPID service, there is a list of the Identity Providers.  Identity Providers are the companies that issue a SPID, with varying levels of security and some with better customer service than others. Some offer a free service and others charge a fee. Most of these providers will set up the SPID for you with a virtual meeting via webcam to identify you. You can also choose to obtain a SPID in person at the post office counter.

Choose an Identity Provider

Your SPID, once issued, will be in the form of a USERNAME (your email address) and PASSWORD (chosen by you). Using your SPID online for most government agencies will also require an OTP (one time password) to your mobile phone for additional security.