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The latest update to the current travelling restrictions imposes blocks on those arriving in Italy from certain countries. These new rules are in place from 22nd September to 7th October 2020.

Link to updated rules on Ministry of Health website:

Non EU countries

Travellers from some specific countries are now allowed to enter Italy for tourism, although they are obliged to quarantine for 14 days:

AustraliaCanadaGeorgia, Japan, 

New Zealand, Uruguay, Romania, 

Rwanda, Czech Republic, Thailand and Tunisia.

Travelling to and from most other countries outside the EU is still tightly controlled by the Italian government as the containment of the COVID-19 pandemic over the next few months is still uncertain.  The countries in this list are set out in “ELENCO E (ANNEX C attached to the Law DCPM of 7th September 2020). This list incudes, for example the United States and Canada.      

Travel to and from these latter countries is permitted only where there are specific and acceptable reasons, such as work, health treatment, study, absolute urgency, or return to place of domicile, habitation or residence. Travel for holidays or tourism is not allowed. Return from these countries will be permitted always to Italian or EU citizens or citizens of Schengen countries and their relatives, as well as to those who have the right to stay in Italy (holding a “permesso di soggiorno” and their family members).  The latest law has also introduced the possibility for travellers to enter Italy if they have a stable relationship (even if not living together) with an Italian national or a  national of a UE or Schengen Country and need to reach the residence of home of their partner in Italy. Travellers from these countires must complete a declaration of the reasons for travel, must reach the place of destination by private and not publi transport, are subject to mandatory quarantine and supervision by the health service.

EU countries, UK, Schengen

There is still unrestricted travel allowed to and from the UK, EU countries and Schengen agreement countries listed in Elenco B (Allegato C DCPM 7th September 2020) (except for Romania, and with specific rules for Croatia, Greece, Malta, Spain and parts of France). Visitors to and from these countries do not need to declare a reason for travel, and are not requried to quarantine as long as they have not in the last 14 days transited through another country on one of Elenco C, D, E, or F. 

Only those arriving from the following EU countries are obliged to carry out a COVID test (tampone):  CroatiaGreeceMaltaSpainBulgaria and certain regions of  France.

Prohibited countries

Travellers arriving from or having recently passed through these countries are currently prohibited from entering Italy (apart from EU citizens and their families who were resident in Italy prior to July 2020): ArmeniaBahreinBangladesh, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brasil, Chile, Colombia, Kosovo, Kuwait, Northern Macedonia, Moldovia, Montenegro, Oman, Panama, Peru and the Dominican Repubblic